The inspirational start to the art of binning came in the mid seventies, when Binner Wayne Lang went on a weeklong school trip to Phillipp's House in Dinton, Wiltshire. The week was filled with a number of field trips that were both educational and interesting. One of these trips included a visit to Avebury, a small Wiltshire village partly surrounded by Britain's largest stone circle - often referred to as "Avebury Henge".
Later, after the passage of some six years, Wayne's memories of the village and the pre-historic sites that surround it, caused him take a diversion whilst cycling back from his Nan's in South Wales. Over the next fourteen or so years, he continued to visit the village whenever opportunity reared its head; The last of these occasions being in 1987, when he went accompanied by a small group of friends that included Dave (or Me, as I sometimes refer to myself). It was on this occasion that visits to Avebury became a rather more essential part of both Wayne's and Dave's lives, and rather than being just an occasional curiosity, visited on the way back from somewhere else, it became a deliberate destination, fitted in. We have continued to visit the village on a semi regular basis ever since.
Waynee, on a school trip to Phillipp's House, Dinton, is introduced to Didders and Avebury, and logs them in his encyclopedic mind.
HTV West broadcast 'Children of the Stones', set in Avebury. This significance is not lost on Waynee, nor Dave. See it here!!.
Waynee, on a cycling trip coming back from his Nan's in South Wales, remembers Avebury, and stops off for a quick one on route.
Waynee, suspecting he is in the company of like minded souls, takes Andy W, Dave and Mark on trip out west fatefully including a return to Avebury.
Dave, Andy and Mark on what is now considered the first Binner Trip
Wayne and Dave return to Avebury, visiting West Kennet Long Barrow, but spend the night in the Watford FC minibus in the Avebury car park.
Dave and Waynee return to Avebury, this time to kip in West Kennet Long Barrow for the first time. Sadly, they are not set upon by ancient ghouls.
Dave, Andy and Mark on what is now considered the first Binner Trip
Dave, James and Waynee conquer the Ridgeway, setting out on 5 Jan, finishing as gales decimate the Ridgeway's tree line. Whew!
Going International, the Binners take on the West Highland Way and win! Much better weather this time, though the smell was dreadful. Sorry.

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Binny the Binner Bus chugs on past the familiar Binner landmarks.
Binners get married and the modern art of Binning slows down for a bit, But the urge never leaves completely.